About us

I’m Graciey the girl behind the wardrobe who has a clear love for shopping! I’m a sucker for buying something wearing it once and never again but I hate the thought of my clothes sitting there doing nothing and can’t bear to part with them completely, I wasn’t quite ready to give up my shopping addiction but definitely needed a way to justify it. Renting my clothes out to others was a clear solution to help my clothes get the love and wear they deserve! 


So with that Wear My Wardrobe was born 💕


Wear My Wardrobe is a rental company specialising in both high-end designer and everyday house hold brands. We operate exclusively online in New Zealand, bringing you the best of NZ and Australian designers and brands.


Every item in our wardrobe has been personallyselected by myself with help from my lovely friends to ensure there is an outfit for every occasion, we love being able to give you access to all of our absolute favourite pieces.


Like many of you we like to have a new outfit for every event, by opening up our wardrobe doors to you we are ensuring these stunning pieces get all the wear they deserve! By hiring from our wardrobe you have access to a variety of different designers and brands without the expensive price tag you would have purchasing.


By renting we are also working to live more consciously and reducing the amount of clothes that get worn once and never see the light of day again, or end up in landfill.


We look forward to sharing our wardrobe with you x