Rent on Behalf

 Do you have an item in your wardrobe you never wear but don’t want to part with permanently? We have the solution for you!

We have an optional service where we will rent out your items on behalf, you won’t have to do anything  we take care of it all!

All items will need to be in great condition and we reserve the right to say no to items we don’t feel will fit our wardrobe. You will receive 50% of the rental fee minus cleaning costs and postal fees. This percentage can be negotiated for large consignments please contact us to discuss. 

Rental fees will be decided by us, this is worked out based on a percentage of the retail value.

If you wish to rent your own item you may do so for no charge, you will be given a code to use on the website. By joining our rental on behalf service you will also automatically receive 20% off anything you chose to hire from Wear My Wardrobes collection that you don't own.

For inquiries please contact us with details on your item and we will send you through an agreement to sign.